WHOLESALE Scratch Art Paper Drawing Children's Favorite DIY Bamboo Pen Promotion Fashion Gift Say

Item number:12390
Price:US $9.90 / lot
10 pieces / lot , 0.99 / piece
Bulk Price:US $8.91 / lot (5 lots or more)
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Package Weight:  0.25kg
Package Size:  14cm x 13cm x 7cm
Thicker Semi Transparent  Drawing Tracing Paper Copy Paper - 100pcs Rice paper painting child drawing board prontpage blackboard writing board Thin Semi Transparent Tracing Paper Transfer Paper  Drawing Writing Paper Copy Paper - 500 pieces / Baby basis painted papers / articles improve The children's graffiti graffiti painted children's book 200g A3/A4 white vellum paper lace Paget door transparent tracing paper slip sheets of paper The painting watercolor postcards Paper pocket notebook sketchbook 230 grams per square page 12
Item specifics Type: Painting Paper Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland) Painting Paper Type: Sketch style: DIY Product Description

Item no.:colorful drawing paper with bamboo pen










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